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Top 4 Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

Heather Wightman

Heather Wightman is a 4th generation native Floridian and has lived in Naples since 1977...

Heather Wightman is a 4th generation native Floridian and has lived in Naples since 1977...

Oct 24 3 minutes read

Design experts will tell you that today’s kitchens are used for a lot more than cooking food.

In many of today’s modern homes the kitchen is a main focal point of the house. Regardless as to whether you’re considering a remodel in the upcoming months or you’re in the early phases of sitting down with an architect, below are four of the hottest kitchen design trends you’ll want to know about.

Smart everything

Technology has come a long way in recent years, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that smart appliances are popular features of a kitchen remodel. Smart refrigerators can help alert you when certain food items are running low. There is even a gadget you can purchase that will let you know if one or more of your eggs is about to go bad. Are you someone who hates touching the handles of your kitchen faucet when your hands are dirty? If so, a motion-sense equipped faucet may be an ideal solution to that problem.

Quartz countertops are a must

Quartz is still the most sought-after material for high-end countertops. It’s beautiful, durable and it can last virtually forever. Not to mention the fact that it’s easy to clean and it’s anti-microbial.

The most popular colors include softer, neutral shades including taupe, white or gray.

It’s also worth mentioning that composite sinks are growing in popularity. With this option, the sinks are made of the same material as the countertops. Composite sinks help to create a seamless, uniform look.

Hardwood flooring is still #1, but ceramic tile is catching up

When it comes time to choose your flooring, hardwood is still extremely popular, however, if hardwood isn’t your thing, ceramic flooring is also a great choice. If you want the best of both worlds, you can choose ceramic tiles that look like hardwood flooring.

Kitchen islands with a purpose

Gone are the days of boring, drab kitchen islands that consist of counterspace and storage cabinets. Today’s islands feature under-counter appliances, sinks and they can also function as a casual dining bar. Designers say that if done properly, the island can be an important hub of the kitchen. 

In closing

When it comes to redesigning, upgrading or remodeling a kitchen there are many, many options to choose from, yet most homeowners agree that features that mesh aesthetics with functionality are the way to go.

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